Welcome to Manther’s Place Counseling

founded in 2013 by Connie Clark, Ph.D. in Jacksonville, FL. Dr. Clark is a sex therapist holding many certifications, and she has a strong belief in helping individuals fulfill their optimal potential. Her strong dedication to this belief is based on her own personal value system, and is evident in the many years in the field of sex therapy, sex addiction, and healthy sexuality. Her goal is helping individuals progress towards making positive changes in their lives.

Sometimes people with the worst pasts ends up creating the best futures.

Dr. Clark realizes that one must contribute to society in order to make it stronger. She is committed to helping individuals understand their behaviors and to instruct them how a healthy sexual attitude can dramatically impact their lives and intimate relationships. Treatment at Manther’s Place Counseling is directed toward the improvement of mental and emotional wellbeing for individuals, couples, and families.

Dr. Clark has provided sex help and treatment to individuals and couples that have public and professional lives, making it difficult to get the help they need. Her knowledge of special demands of public life and her ability and commitment to confidentiality is always foremost in her mind.
Sex Therapy and Specialized Treatment Includes:

  • Sexual Addiction/Sexual Compulsivity
  • Cybersex / Pornography Addiction
  • Sexual Abuse / Trauma
  • Sexual and Intimacy Problems
  • Love Addiction / Love Avoidance