Most of us experience anxiety and depression throughout our lives.

As our bodies change and as our lives change around us anxiety and depression can arise. For some, though, anxiety and depression are crippling. It is incredibly debilitating to be so depressed that you can’t get out of bed or to be so anxious that you are having panic attacks.

If you are facing anxiety and/or depression as a result of a transition or some other cause, we can work to help you ease your painful symptoms and also keep these symptoms from crippling you in the future. Fears, anxiety, and depression keep us from being who we were fully created to be. I am passionate about helping people find themselves again and to find true healing.

To find out more, you can call me at (904) 743-2327, or email me here. Before contacting me, though, take a moment to practice a guided meditation. Meditation can be very helpful to help us re-learn how to breathe, slow down, become more mindful, and find ourselves again.